Sistema de fotodocumentación para ensayos colorimétricos y fluorescentes.

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Sistema de fotodocumentación para aplicaciones colorimétricas y fluorescentes

Más información: Grupo Taper

DNR's MiniLumi meets researcher's demand for a reliable gel-documentation system to address fluorescent and colorimetric application with high results at an affordable cost. Combining superior optics with a high quality camera and versatile illumination options, the MiniLumi brings you the most accurate results with maximum details. The MiniLumi carries the same features as DNR's LumiBIS. However as apposed to the LumiBIS, the MiniLumi is operated manually, has a larger filter wheel (8 filters) and carries a cheaper price tag. The MiniLumi employs DNR's unique Smart Dark Chamber technology with an automated UV protection mechanism allowing safe documentation of samples. Featuring a semi-motorized zoom, iris and focus the MiniLumi is a semi- automated system for user comfort and real–time one-click image capturing. 

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